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VAGINOPLASTY – Surgical Tightening

VAGINOPLASTY – Surgical Tightening



In the above paragraph, we described clitoral hood reduction i.e. lateral prepuce reduction and clitoral hood lift, however we did not talk about a protruding clitoris which can be reduced with a surgical procedure known as a clitoropexy.  Patients desiring a clitoropexy often complain of a protruding clitoris and clitoral hood and describe the appearance of the clitoris as a small penis.


In this situation, the patient may elect to have the clitoris suspended and repositioned with suture bringing the clitoris closed  to the body (closer to the pubic bone) and this surgical technique is known as a clitoral suspension or clitoropexy.  Most of the times when the clitoris is suspended the clitoral hood is now aesthetically longer than it needs to be and this is reduced or lifted simultaneously.  This procedure is known as a clitoral hood lift.  The suspension of the clitoris and clitoral hood reduces the protrusion giving the patient a satisfying aesthetic presentation.  There is little risk of nerve injury or injury to clitoral orgasmic function doing these procedures in experienced surgeons hands.

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