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Robert Moore & John Miklos, MD

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Alpharetta GA

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Dr. John R. Miklos is an internationally recognized expert in Laparoscopic, Urogynecologic, and Aesthetics Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery. He is the first fellowship-trained Urogynecologist/Laparoscopic surgeon to receive subspecialty training in Aesthetic Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery, and is one of the first board certified Urogynecologists. This unique melding of multiple fellowships and training has made Dr. Miklos one of the most sought after surgeons in the world for laparoscopic (mini-incision) reconstructive vaginal surgery as well as cosmetic vaginal surgery.

Dr. Miklos is the recipient of many nationally and internationally recognized awards including:

Castle Connolly ‘Top Doctor Award’ – 12 consecutive years America’s ‘Best Doctors Award’ – 10 consecutive years Consumer Research Council of America ‘America’s Top Obstetrician Gynecologist Award’ – 6 consecutive years American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy – Kurt Semm Award- 2008 American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy – ‘Jerome Hoffman Award’ American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy- ‘Golden Laparoscope Award – 2001 and 2014.’

Dr. Miklos is a graduate of Medical University of South Carolina where he received his Master of Science Degree in 1985, followed by his Medical Degree in 1989. He then completed his traditional four-year residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, in 1993. He then completed a two-year fellowship in Urogynecology and Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1995, after the completion of his fellowship, he came to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was named the Director of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery at Atlanta Medical Center. Despite being named an authority in his field that year, Dr. Miklos chose to further develop his understanding of minimally invasive surgery and female pelvic anatomy.


Dr. Robert D. Moore is an internationally recognized Laparoscopic and Vaginal Reconstructive Surgeon who has operated on patients from all over the United States and the world and is one of the FIRST Board-Certified Urogynecologists. He is widely known throughout the world for his pioneering techniques in minimally invasive vaginal reconstructive surgery and more recently in the field of sexual medicine and aesthetic vaginal surgery.

Dr. Moore has received many nationally and internationally awards including:

Castle Connolly ‘Top Doctor Award’ America’s ‘Best Doctors Award’ – 10 consecutive years Consumer Research Council of America ‘America’s Top Obstetrician Gynecologist Award’ – 6 consecutive years American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy – Kurt Semm Award- 2008 American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy – ‘Jerome Hoffman Award’ American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopy- ‘Golden Laparoscope Award – 2001 and 2014.’

Dr. Moore originally received his medical degree with top honors from the University of New England in 1994. While at the University he was involved with neurologic and neuroscience pain research, receiving multiple grants in this complex field. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME and then completed a two-year fellowship in Urogynecology and Radical Pelvic Surgery at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA. Following this, he completed a year of advanced training in Laparoscopic Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery. He has also completed advanced training in the field of Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery and has co-authored, with his partner, Dr. John Miklos, the first comprehensive book on Vaginal Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Surgery for women as well as the FIRST chapter ever published in a major medical textbook on Vaginal Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Labiaplasty: B.E. / Georgia

I am thrilled with the professionalism experienced with Dr. Moore. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable. He really took the time to answer all my questions and I felt extremely comfortably with him. His website had tons of helpful information, as well. Dr. Moore is truly an artist. I am so glad I choose going to the best! I highly recommend him to all my friends!



Labiaplasty: K.N. / South Carolina

The procedure was easier to recover from then I ever intended. It seems like such a sensitive area but it was surprisingly easy. I was only out of work for a few days, but I made sure to restrict my activities. I was told Dr. Moore is the best, and I completely agree. He and his staff are very accessible if I ever needed anything or had any questions.



Labiaplasty: M.W / Illinois

I had a labiaplasty and it was the most easy and comfortable surgical experiences I have had. I was not nervous to talk about the procedure with him. He really gave a full and comprehendible description of the surgery so I knew 100% what I was getting in to. The surgery went flawless and I had minimal swelling and bleeding. I could move around better than expected. Since I traveled to him I was nervous about post surgery complications but I could call or send a picture at anytime. Thanks Dr. Moore!



Labiaplasty: G.S. / Georgia

Ladies, with labia reduction/revisions becoming more popular, keep in mind that not all doctors know what they are doing, and can ruin you for life. Please be careful when choosing a doctor. Remember, you can't put back what is gone. I have experienced this firsthand and I would not want anyone to encounter the type of devastation that I have suffered. I saw over 10 doctors and only 3 were even willing to attempt revision/corrective surgery. I chose Dr. Miklos because of his knowledge and expertise.



Labiaplasty: C.C. / Georgia

When I wanted to find a Doctor who could fix my problem, the name that kept getting referred to me was Dr. Miklos. My OB, my plastic surgeon, along with two different friends of plastic surgeon highly recommended him. I was very pleased with the way Dr. Miklos and his staff handled my case, from the first consult visit, the phone calls to setup my procedure, the pre-op apt. And phone calls, the surgery itself, post-op follow up phone calls from the nurse ... everything was conducted first class. All my questions and concerns were dealt with during my consult. Dr. Miklos was very personable and aware of my concerns and knew what exactly I wanted the final product to look like. I could not be more pleased with end result. Dr. Miklos had such precision and detail. I am a new woman with such confidence. I wish I had taken care of this years ago. Thank you Dr. Miklos and staff!!!



Botched Labiaplasty: H.B. / Florida

There truly are no perfect words to use to describe how grateful I am that I found Dr. Miklos. It all started with a horrible wedged technique labiaplasty, I had done in Fort Lauderdale, FL from a plastic surgeon. Sadly, I underwent the most mentally draining procedure that ended in devastation! Thankfully, after a lot of research and doctor visits I came across a video that Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore had posted of them fixing botched labiaplasty. I was so impressed, I decided to make an appointment with them. From, the first call to the last I was treated with the most care and respect anyone in that profession has ever given me. My first office visit with Dr. Miklos was more then I could ask for. He took his time by taking notes on everything that happened to me and explaining in detail why some things happened. He took pictures and showed me exactly what he would do if I went with him for my corrective surgery. I felt comfortable and safe with him, making my decision to have Dr. Miklos preform my labiaplasty reconstruction easy to make. On surgery day, I had the best experience and came out with little to no pain. I took my recovery very serious, while Dr. Miklos and his amazing team checked on me by emails and calls. I recovered beautifully with an unbelievable result I never thought I would have. I'm very grateful for Dr. Miklos, Nurse Ashly and everyone on their staff. I seriously believe no one could have given me the results I got anywhere else.



Labiaplasty: F.N. / Georgia

I'm not gonna lie, when I had my consultation with Dr.Miklos I was extremely nervous about the whole experience. Once I met him and his assistant Ashley my nerves all went away. They both were sweet and made you feel super comfortable. I haven't had my surgery yet but I have no doubts with them by my side.



Labiaplasty: J.P. / Florida

Reporting live several hours post surgery and couldn't be happier! Dr. Miklos is an extremely knowledgeable doctor, with a bedside manner I cannot even put into words. One of the absolute best doctors I've ever come in contact with. His office staff is phenomenal, and his nurse Ashley, is one a kind! She guided me throughout the entire process, from my consult to my hotel room making sure I was fully informed and comfortable post surgery. She is a true gem! The surgery itself, I could not be more pleased with the results. My pain level is almost nonexistent and I can already see aesthetically, it's exactly what I wanted. If you ever considered having this type of surgery, Miklos and Moore is the way to go. I cannot thank Dr. Miklos and Ashley enough for their care and my overall 110% pleasant experience!



Labiaplasty: K.R. / North Carolina

My experience with Dr Miklos and his team was wonderful from start to finish. As stressful as living in NC and planning such a serious surgery in Atlanta was his nurse Ashley helped make all the arrangements go smooth and flawless. Everyone was super nice and made such a seemingly embarrassing topic easy to talk about with them. The first time I ever talked with Dr Miklos he was nothing short of amazing because he was easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in this field. He explained in depth exactly what he was going to do and how things would go. He also explained everything to expect during the healing process. Two days after the surgery before I came back to NC I wanted to check in with Dr Miklos and make sure everything looked right and ready to go and he was more than happy to take time out of his schedule to do so. His nurse Danielle was also amazing and helped answer any additional questions I might have had and still follows up a week after my surgery to see how things are going and healing. I would highly recommend Dr Miklos and his team to anyone seeking help with this type of surgery!



Labiaplasty: S.B. / South Carolina

Dr. Miklos and his staff were beyond wonderful to work with!! They were both professional and extremely helpful with all of my questions and decision making throughout this process! Dr. Miklos and his staff called and checked in on me after my surgery and were very personable and caring. I am blown away and so happy with my results! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so happy that I picked Dr. Miklos to do this procedure! I highly recommend him for anyone who is wanting this surgery done. You will not be disappointed!



Labiaplasty: A.C. / Georgia

My experience with Dr. Miklos was wonderful! I love the results from my procedure. He is very professional, along with his office staff and nurses, he makes sure that you are happy with your results. I would recommend him to anyone.



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